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Aquona postpones the resolution of the 'Water, Health and Children' program

The company will communicate the new deadlines as soon as possible

Due to the progress of the Coronavirus and the increase in the number of cases of infected people in Spain, Aquona is forced to postpone the resolution of the scholarship program 'Water, Health and Children' scheduled for this month of March.

Aquona considers it essential to protect the health of both its own workers and the entire population. Therefore, and taking into account the rapid transmission of COVID-19, the company wants to avoid activities that involve holding meetings or the concentration of a certain number of people that represent a potential risk of disease programming. In this way, the committee in charge of selecting the projects, unable to meet, has decided to postpone the resolution of the call and, therefore, the public act of signing agreements to be held around World Water Day.

The company regrets the inconvenience caused by the postponement and undertakes to resume the project as soon as the risk situation for Coronavirus has subsided.