Innovation and digitalisation

Digitalización en innovación

Innovation is one of the hallmarks of our work, an essential tool for addressing the challenges of water management.

Thanks to constant innovation, the use of cutting-edge technologies and new digital tools, we are able to achieve more efficient management of water resources, reducing environmental impact and offering a better service and a healthier environment for citizens. 

The application of innovation to water resource management is essential to transform cities and territories to make them more sustainable and to be prepared to face challenges such as climate change, which makes us increasingly vulnerable to extreme events (droughts and floods) and water scarcity. 

We work continuously to improve our service and ensure that we can meet society's present and future water resource needs. Therefore, we apply innovation to improve care for people and to create more efficient and sustainable processes.

Innovation is a philosophy deeply embedded in our purpose. It is not only a matter of applying technologies and tools, but of constantly committing to talent, knowledge and problem-solving in a creative and proactive way, promoting alliances and collaboration with all social actors.