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Aquona is positioned as a benchmark company in the field of Sustainable Development

The company presents its second report on Sustainable Development, a document that reflects its solid contribution to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda in the more than 130 municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León in which it is present.

Aquona's commitment to sustainability and caring for people is a reality achieved throughout the company's 50 years of presence in the territory. This is demonstrated by its 2019 Sustainable Development report, a document of which the company has already published its 2018 edition and which aims to disseminate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the cities and municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León in where it provides services related to the integral water cycle and the protection of resources.
"We have made a qualitative leap with respect to 2018, being able to materialize Sustainable Development projects not only in cities but also in the smallest municipalities", says Jesús García del Valle, director of Aquona. "When we started working on DS's strategic vision", he adds, "we promoted actions in capitals like Zamora, Ciudad Real or Palencia"; However, in 2019 the most important volunteer action was carried out in Ayna with great positive impact, something that arouses a feeling of “pride when seeing that the work in the field of sustainability is pervading all the geography so extensive that we cover”, he points out .
This second report orders the action in Sustainable Development in the axes established by the United Nations Organization: ‘People’, ‘Planet’, ‘Prosperity’, ‘Peace, Justice and Solid Institutions’ and ‘Alliances’. Thus, initiatives and goals linked to access to water through funds and social tariffs for vulnerable people, projects that promote equity and the job placement of people with disabilities are framed in the 'People' axis, while circular economy projects such as the Palencia biofactories, water and energy efficiency actions such as sustainable mobility and the renewable origin of 100% of the energy the company consumes, as well as programs for the protection of biodiversity in facilities and awareness-raising actions that in 2019 reached more than 3,500 schoolchildren and more than 297,000 clients are integrated in the 'Planeta' axis. As for ‘Prosperity’, the process of digital transformation of the customer service model that Aquona is carrying out stands out, in addition to all the implementation of R + d + i of the company. In the same way, compliance policies and data protection, customer satisfaction surveys show Aquona's commitment to solid and transparent institutions.
The promotion and advancement of these strategic projects is only possible through alliances with different local and regional entities. "In 2019 we have carried out 64 collaborations with associations and entities that represent an investment in the local community that exceeds 90,000 euros and reinforce our social involvement," says Jesús García del Valle.
This Sustainable Development Report regarding preservation of the environment and care of people includes “the daily work of the entire Aquona team,” says its director, and can be found on the website: https: //www.aquona-sa. en / sustainable-development-report.
This week an online presentation event was held for all company workers and in September the call is planned for clients, relationship groups and citizens in general.