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Aquona and Aquae Foundation present the VII edition of their Scientific Short Story Contest

Aquona and its foundation, the Aquae Foundation, launch the 7th edition of their Scientific Short Story Contest with the purpose of promoting the dissemination of science and assessing literary skills.
In this contest, which in its previous edition received some 1,700 short stories, anyone can participate, regardless of their nationality or country of residence, as long as their stories - a maximum of three per participant - are original and unpublished and written in the language Spanish.
«When I think of a micro-story, the image that comes to mind is that of a spark, which illuminates the darkness for a moment and leaves an imprint on our retina even after it is extinguished. It is in the same tradition as the classic rooted epigram, our avant-garde greguería, the Japanese haiku or the Anglo-Saxon satirical limerick, but it is also related to popular forms such as the saying, the joke and the riddle. Even the sonnet, with its precise metrics, imposes a formal limitation similar to that faced by micro-quantists, and in the same way requires maximum condensation and a display of ingenuity, ”explains María Zapata, winner of the First Prize in 2019 thanks to her short story 'Walking on the water'.
The central axis of this contest must be Science in any of its aspects (science, innovation, progress, art and science, water, new technologies); and the length must not exceed 100 words. The submission deadline is November 2.
The final of this contest will be held on November 10, World Science Day for Peace and Development, within the framework of Science Week (November 4-17). The two prizes that will be decided are: First Prize of 500 euros for the best story, chosen by a jury of experts; and the Audience Award, valued at 250 euros, which will be decided by the jury among the 50 most voted stories through the  Fundación Aquae website.