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Water supply management

Water distribution in Aquona

The drinking water supply systems in the towns where we provide our services consist of distribution networks taking water straight to residents’ homes.

Our figures and facilities

  • Cubic metres supplied

    We supply over 111,000,0000 m³ every year to over 90 population centres in Castile-La Mancha and Castile and León.
  • Distribution networks

    Our drinking water supply networks measure over 6,500 km.

  • Water quality control points

    There are 707 water quality control points in our distribution networks, ensuring the highest-quality drinking water.

In recent years, older fibre cement has gradually been removed, as required by law, to be replaced mainly by polyethylene and ductile casting. These more modern materials offer advantages in terms of durability and health.

Geographic information system (GIS)

At Aquona we have worked to implement a geographic information system (GIS) in the region. This tool helps ensure more sustainable use of our supply network, thus improving water consumption and billing for residents.